No job losses as leading charities merge


​Charities will retain their independence but will become part of the same group 

1st February 2018 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A planned merger between two leading young people’s charities won’t affect jobs or income.  

Ypeople, the Glasgow-based charity which supports young people is to merge with YWCA Scotland – the Young Women’s Movement based in Edinburgh.

However a spokesperson confirmed to TFN the merger won’t affect jobs or how both organisations are managed.

The new partnership will be known as the Ypeople Group and will be launched at an event at the Scottish Parliament.

Joe Connolly, chief executive of Ypeople, said: “We have been working informally with the YWCA Scotland team for a number of months on a variety of projects. In that time, it has become apparent that there are obvious opportunities for both organisations to benefit those we support by collaborating on a more formal basis.

“Ypeople and YWCA Scotland already have much in common. The two groups have rich histories dating back more than 100 years but, at the same time, take a modern and outward-looking approach to supporting and giving a voice to vulnerable and marginalised people across Scotland.”

Patrycja Kupiec, director of YWCA, who took over the role at the end of 2017, said: “We want to see young women and girls thrive on a local and global scale, and their voices heard, celebrated, and respected.

“The partnership with YPeople will strengthen our position as one of the Scotland’s leading feminist organisations and we are very excited for this next step in our history.”

Ypeople has services across Scotland and works with those affected by homelessness, and young people with wellbeing support needs through its counselling and mentoring services.

YWCA is based in Edinburgh and Glasgow and is seen as a major player in providing a voice for the rights of young women and girls on the international stage.