One in four workers annoyed by their employer’s charity work

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Research unveils employees feel misrepresented and dismissed by their employers around corporate donations but would do more if they had a say

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6th December 2016 by Paul Cardwell 0 Comments

One in four working Scots are frustrated over which charity their employer gives money to, researchers have found.

Online donation platform Givey asked workers in Scotland how they feel about their employer’s corporate social responsibility (CSR) strategy with a quarter saying they were frustrated that their company only supports the nation’s largest charities.

Just over half said they were never asked which charitable causes they want to support and 26% said their employer does not reflect the causes they care about.

And the result, researchers warn, is that charities are missing out on extra income as 16% of Scots said they would donate 20% more through their employer using mechanisms such as payroll giving if the causes were relevant to them.

“Corporate Social Responsibility has been reduced to a buzzword amongst employees, as a staggering number of working Brits are unaware of what their employer is doing to hit their CSR targets,” Neil Mehta, chief executive of Givey said.

“Our research reveals a nation of ethically conscious employees who are keen to do more to support worthy causes, however they’re faced with multiple barriers in the workplace that prevent them from putting their hard-earned money where it matters most to them.”