Online donation to rehoming charity triggers terrorist alert


£2 donation gets rejected by PayPal 

6th August 2018 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A donation sent through PayPal for a rescue dog has triggered a terrorism alert because it was called Isis.

PayPal stopped the £2 online donation when the dog’s name triggered an automatic alert.

The cash was intended to go to Dunroamin K9 Rescue in Worksop where 11 year old golden retriever Isis is currently being looked after.

Lynda Owens, who volunteers for the rehoming charity, said: “I found out PayPal had got in touch with the woman making the donation and thought she was sending to a terror organisation.

“It’s good that these companies are doing checks but it’s funny this set off an alert.”

Owens said the charity had now changed the dog's name to Alice in a bid to get her rehomed faster.  

PayPal said it had to scan for all terror-linked words.