OSCR apologises as complaint goes to parliament


OSCR makes apology as member of the public goes to Holyrood 

21st June 2019 by Robert Armour 2 Comments

OSCR has apologised after a member of the public complained to the Scottish Parliament after waiting over a year for a response to a query.

Peter Martin of Muir of Ord asked OSCR to investigate the misuse of charitable funds in relation to sexual abuse in the diocese of Galloway in April 2018, but has still not had a decision.

Martin asked the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator if legal fees were used by the diocese of Galloway to defend a former priest convicted of sex abuse.

Paul Moore is currently serving an eight-year sentence for the crimes committed in Ayrshire more than 40 years ago.

The original complaint also wanted to know if any charitable funds had been spent by the diocese on rehoming Moore.

Martin has now complained to the Scottish Parliament.

However an OSCR spokesperson admitted the response is taking longer than normally expected.  

“Our response has been delayed because we have been considering a broader approach to our engagement on these issues with the Roman Catholic Dioceses,” they said.

“We will be writing to Mr Martin to apologise for this delay and to let him know that we are still considering his concern.”

A spokesperson for the Catholic Church said the diocese did not contribute any funding towards Paul Moore’s legal costs. “Prior to his conviction, the diocese fulfilled its obligations to all retired clergy and he lived in a house owned by the diocese,” the spokesperson added.

The Scottish Government said it received a letter from Martin and alerted OSCR to the concerns he raised.

“We understand OSCR are now considering those concerns and OSCR will write to Mr Martin directly about the matter.”

21st June 2019 by Dominic Notarangelo

He might be alone in taking his complaint further but, probably, not alone in being ignored

25th June 2019 by Jake

OSCR annual report 2018 states that OSCR is undermanned and under fund . There inquiry policy states that OCSR will respond in 6 to 8 weeks. Its obvious that OSCR is not fit for purpose and needs immediate action to bring it up to a reasonable operating standard. This is primarily a Scottish Government failing