OSCR chief takes on new digital role


The chief executive of the Office of the Scottish Charity Regulator is taking on a role in the government's digital team for the next six months

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1st December 2016 by Susan Smith 1 Comment

Office of Scottish Charity Regulator (OSCR) chief executive David Robb is to take on a part-time role as deputy director for the Scottish Government digital directorate for six months. 

Robb, who will take on the new role from December, will remain as the chief executive of Scotland's charity regulator. However, during this time some parts of his work have been delegated to other members of OSCR’s senior management team, who have taken on more responsibilities.

Robb said: “For the next six months, I have been invited to help out in the Scottish Government by filling, on a part-time basis, a deputy director vacancy in the Digital Directorate.

"I have agreed with OSCR’s Board that I will remain as OSCR chief executive and accountable officer and will maintain a regular presence in Dundee but I will be stepping back from day-to-day operations. During this period, OSCR’s senior management team will take on some additional duties.

"We have a strong team at Scotland’s charity regulator and I have complete confidence that our important work will continue as normal. This opportunity comes at a time when the charity sector is looking to maximise the opportunities afforded by digital means of engagement with service users and I look forward to bringing back any knowledge gained from working closely with digital public service experts. 

"This will help support the digital participation agenda for Scotland’s charities and also meet OSCR’s aim of 100% online delivery.”

5th December 2016 by Robert McCall

So.In a week where the SNP take issue with Tory MSP'.'s clinging on to their old jobs Holyrood appoints Robb as a Director for their digit(t )l agenda.He decides to maintain a presence at OSCR (to collect hie wages and expense?).This means that OSCR is no longer independent and will soon be rolling out the Holyrood Message.