OSCR launches online charity applications


Regulator says the move will simply the process 

8th March 2019 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

OSCR Has announced a new online application process making it easier to register as a charity.  

The Scottish Charity Regulator receives 1,100 applications for charitable status every year since with these applications being previously paper-based.

Now anyone wishing to apply to become a charity can do so using a new online application process.  

This new application form is designed to be more user friendly, with guidance to help applicants provide the right information to help us make our decision on charitable status quickly and easily.

OSCR says it will also be more ‘intelligent’ and tailored so that applicants only have to look at questions relevant to them and minimising follow-ups and further questions from applicants.

It will allow applicants to supply all supporting documents online.

A spokesperson said: “We have already been dealing with applications from organisations and advisors who volunteered to test this online process in its earlier stages. Their feedback has been vital in helping us develop the application form.” 

On how to apply for charitable status web page there is now the option to apply using the new online application or the previous pdf application form.

However, from 1 April 2019 we will withdraw the pdf application form.  "We know that some potential applicants and advisors will have applications in progress using the pdf form, and we will continue to accept these applications until 30 April 2019," said the spokesperson. 

From 01 May 2019 all incoming applications for charitable status must be submitted using the online process.