Peta calls on SPCA to investigate sheep abuse


Footage shows workers routinely abusing the defenceless beasts 

17th October 2018 by Robert Armour 5 Comments

Peta has mounted a formal complaint to the Scottish SPCA after wool workers were filmed abusing sheep on a Scottish farm.

The animal rights group has obtained video footage, filmed at an unspecified farm, showing workers stamping, kicking and punching the frightened beasts as they swear and laugh.

Some of the sheep become unresponsive after the beatings with some showing blood pouring from wounds.

Shearers are paid by volume, not by the hour, which Peta says encourages fast, violent handling that leads to gaping wounds on the animals' bodies. Shearers then stitch the wounds using a needle and thread but no pain relief.

Peta has submitted a 12-page formal complaint to the Scottish SPCA demanding it launches an investigation. It follows the group's first-ever video exposé of cruelty within the English wool industry, showing similar abuse.

Jason Baker, spokesperson for the group, said: "After exposing cruelty within the English wool industry, we've found the same horrifying abuse of sheep at farms in Scotland.

“The production of all wool – no matter where it originated or what ‘ethical’ or ‘responsibly sourced’ claims are made on its label – spells extreme suffering and death for millions of gentle sheep and lambs." 

Peta – whose motto reads "animals are not ours to wear" – encourages consumers to choose materials that are not produced through abuse.

Scottish SPCA chief superintendent Mike Flynn said: “We can confirm we have received reports of alleged abuse within wool farms in Scotland. Our investigations are currently ongoing.”

18th October 2018 by Kim Marie

Beating, kicking and mutilating sheep for their hair is despicable. Spare sheep and stay warm with the plethora of animal-friendly, vegan options available.

18th October 2018 by Allison Cares

This is appalling. This is also why I only shop only cruelty-free. All wool is inhumane, violent and unnecessary.

19th October 2018 by Heather Moore

Such horrific cruelty and for all for a product no one even needs. There are plenty of humane fabrics, including cotton, nylon, and polyester. I hope this will make people realize that sheep are egregiously abused for wool.

2nd December 2018 by Lynne Porter

Who are these farms Where are they.who are the people doing this.please find out .put there pictures and names on social media .

2nd December 2018 by Lynne Porter

Name and shame these people on social media