PIP is putting lives at risk, charity claims

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Epilepsy Action has claimed people are being left suicidal by having their benefits stopped or cut

16th October 2017 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

The new welfare system is putting lives at risk – a charity has claimed.

Epilepsy Action has claimed that people living with the condition are being left suicidal after going through the Personal Independence Payments (PIP) assessment process.

Around two thirds of people with epilepsy have had their benefits downgraded or denied after being reassessed.

Figures have shown that a total of 15,000 people with epilepsy as their primary condition were assessed for the transfer from Disability Living Allowas to PIP between October 2013 and October 2016. Of these, 2,300 people had their payments decreased and 7,300 people had their benefits withdrawn altogether

Philip Lee, chief executive of the charity, said that action needs to be taken to help those with the condition.

He said: “PIP is supposed to be helping people with disabilities to live more independent lives and yet ironically they are being denied the independence they deserve.

“We are increasingly hearing stories from people who say their safety and day-to-day living are being negatively impacted.

“Their physical and mental health is also being affected. Some people have even told us they feel suicidal.

“The current system needs to change. If it doesn’t, it will continue to have more devastating effects on people with epilepsy.”

A DWP spokeswoman said: “PIP is a better benefit which takes a much wider look at the way an individual’s disability or health condition, such as epilepsy, impacts them on a daily basis.

“Under PIP, 29% of claimants receive the highest rate of support compared to 15% under Disability Living Allowance.”

28th October 2017 by Liz Douglas

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