Coronavirus: support pledge made to the sector

Wise group offices

The Wise Group has put a series of measures in place to help support individuals and organisations through the coronavirus

17th March 2020 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Support to lift people out of poverty has been pledged.

The Wise Group has said it recognises people are still relying on the organisation despite the coronavirus crisis, and has said staff will continue working hard throughout this difficult time.

Wise Group chief executive Sean Duffy said: “As more and more people across the UK are impacted by the coronavirus, I want our funders, partners and customers to know that we are working hard to put continuity measures in place at this very difficult time.

“The Wise Group has put the following short term measures in place:

“To our partners and funders: Our partners and funders are at the centre of our considerations. We have written to all of our partners and funders, will have follow-up calls with all of them and will continue to engage with them regularly to provide assurances that we are monitoring the delivery of our obligations closely and acting accordingly

“To our customers: We have strengthened our ‘pre visit check list’ to make sure that our colleagues contact you in advance to ask about any new cough or temperature. We also want to make sure that that both parties are committed to good personal hygiene and keeping appropriate distances at any meeting

“Where it is not possible to meet we will offer to conduct the meeting by telephone

“It is clear to me that our new strategy and investment in technology has been a pillar to our sustainability and enhanced resilience. Thank you to colleagues across the enterprise for working hard to monitor updates and coordinate our response at this time.

“It’s important to remember that hundreds of people and our partners are relying on us. I hope these additional actions will help us continue to support lifting people out of poverty.”