Poverty group calls for an end to the benefits freeze


The Poverty Alliance has written to every MP in Scotland

31st July 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Poverty campaigners have written to every MP in Scotland calling for an end to the benefits freeze.

The Poverty Alliance has claimed that the freeze is hitting 700,000 families across the country, with an average loss of £450 per year.

The letter follows a study by Sheffield Hallam University, which found that adults of working age in Scotland are set to lose out on £300 million.

Carla McCormack, policy and parliamentary officer at the Poverty Alliance, said: “Reversing the freeze on benefits would prevent many families from falling into poverty, and help lift others out of poverty.

“The freeze on working age benefits is expected to affect 700,000 families across Scotland, with an average loss of £450 per year.

“This is a substantial amount, especially for families on low incomes.”

The freeze is due to run until at least 2019/20, with Jobseekers Allowance and Universal Credit amongst those affected.

The Poverty Alliance was founded in 1992, and is made up of a wide range of organisations including grassroots community groups, individuals facing poverty, voluntary organisations, statutory organisations, policy makers and academics.