Praise as Scots climate change targets achieved

Wind turbines

​Targets for cleaner air set in 2015 have been reached for the first time  

13th June 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Environmental groups have welcomed figures that show the Scottish Government has met its 2015 annual emission target.

Stop Climate Chaos Scotland (SCCS) said the achievement showed the country was making “real progress”.

The coalition said tackling climate change delivers huge benefits such as reduced fuel poverty, cleaner air, thousands of jobs and improved health. 

However, Jim Densham from SCCS, said that to hit future climate change targets key areas had to be built upon.

He said: “These include homes, farming and particularly transport, which is for the first time the largest source of emissions."  

“Transport pollution has been stubbornly high for decades and we need significant action to catch up with other nations such as India and Norway which are planning to end the sale of fossil fuel cars by 2030."

Densham added: "The forthcoming climate change plan and the climate change bill are key opportunities to set out policies to deliver the benefits of a low carbon future.

“The Scottish Parliament has a chance to show continued leadership to ensure that the new bill delivers.

“We call on all parties to work together to ensure Scotland remains a world leader on climate action."

In March, a cross party group of MSPs produced a strong critique of the government’s plan for tackling climate change, after considering evidence from experts and views from the public over the last two months, and concluded that there is much to be improved if Scotland is to realise the vision of a low carbon future.