Pride Glasgow boss resigns after event fiasco

Glasgow Pride

Alastair Smith faced calls to quit after hundreds of marchers were locked out this year's event

9th October 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

The boss of Pride Glasgow has resigned following hundreds of people being locked out of this year’s event.

Around 600 marchers were unable to enter the event at Kelvingrove Park in July after a problem with tickets.

Issues arose when marchers with e-tickets had to get them converted to wristbands, however many were told after queueing that they would not be allowed to enter as the event had reached capacity.

A petition calling for chief executive Alastair Smith to stand down following the march attracted 1,500 signatures, and Smith has now confirmed his resignation.

In a statement, Smith said: “I have been involved with Pride Glasgow for over 10 years in various roles. I have been instrumental in the growth of the event over the years and the delivery of the Pride Life volunteer project.

"This year’s event was not without its challenges and I’m hugely sorry for those who didn’t get access to the festival. I know and trust that the team at Pride Glasgow will learn important lessons and deliver a fantastic event for the community next year.”

Smith added that he hoped that the movement could progress without him, and thanked Glasgow City Council and festival volunteers for their help in organising Pride.

He said: "There has been some contention and fractioning-off within the community after this year’s event and I hope that with my resignation, the community will work together to resolve issues and focus on the pride movement moving forward.

"Pride will always hold a place in my heart but I have decided it’s time for me to hand over the rainbow baton and provide opportunities for new ideas and fresh enthusiasm.”