Project launched to create dementia friendly communities

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The Life Changes Trust has provided £225,000 to create neighbourhood communities to help those with dementia

27th July 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A new project has been launched to help create dementia friendly communities in central Scotland.

The University of Stirling has teamed up with a series of local partners to carry out the project across the Forth Valley.

A £225,000 grant from the Life Changes Trust will fund a range of initiatives to empower people with dementia to create collaborative neighbourhood communities which help them remain socially, physically, culturally and politically active.

Dr Richard Ward, senior lecturer in dementia studies, said: “The funding for this project will allow us to show how place attachment, local connections and a shared sense of belonging can support the wellbeing, health and citizenship of people living with dementia in the local community.”

The project will look at online accessibility for people with dementia and assess whether the local environment is dementia-friendly.

People with dementia will lead on developing their communities and, with the project’s support, make decisions about which activities to pursue, based on what works for them.

In the first two years, the project will be piloted in neighbourhoods in the Stirling North council ward, before being extended across the Forth Valley region in the third year.