Pupils offered support as exam results are revealed

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NSPCC Scotland is asking those worried about their results to pick up the phone

8th August 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Pupils who have received their exam results are being offered support.

NSPCC Scotland is asking youngsters who are worried about this week’s exam results to get in touch.

Counsellors at children’s charity’s Childline service are poised to help Scottish pupils who have received their grades from the National and Higher exams which they sat in June.

Last year, 2016-17, saw a rise in counselling sessions carried out by confidential support service Childline with young people worried about exams.

More than 3,100 counselling sessions were held with UK children relating to exam stress and impending results, including 150 from Scotland. This represented a rise from the 106 sessions held in Scotland the previous year, with young girls over five times more likely than Scottish boys to reach out for help.

NSPCC Scotland’s policy and public affairs manager Joanna Barrett has encouraged any pupil worried about what the future may hold after today’s results to get in touch for free, confidential support and advice.

She said: “We’ve heard from pupils who’ve had panic attacks, severe stress and fear over their exams and potentially not getting the right grades. This can lead to depression, excessive crying, low self-esteem or even suicidal thoughts.

“Our message today is that Childline is here to discuss these issues and we would encourage every pupil who has not received the grades they wanted to remain calm and positive, and realise that today’s results are not the end of the world.”

Counsellors at Scotland’s two Childline bases in Glasgow and Aberdeen handled a total of 597 sessions on exam stress in 2016/17 from worried children across the UK. The number of sessions they delivered increased from 524 in the previous year.

Elaine Chalmers, Scottish service head at the charity said: “Children can often think these exams represent their last chance to make something of their lives but this is not the case.

“Teachers, parents, carers and of course Childline are here to offer advice and support to young people as well as help them look at all options for the future.”

Skills Development Scotland also has a free helpline which will be open from 8am until 8pm on 8 and 9 August and from 9am until 5pm from 10 to 16 August. The number to call is 0808 100 8000.

Director of operations James Russell said: “Our message for those young people and their parents and carers as the results arrive is not to panic. Everything might seem overwhelming at that point. Our experienced advisers are there to help and have information on all the options and opportunities young people can consider.”