QUIZ: Which charity should you donate to?

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Find out which charity you should donate to based on your personality

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22nd October 2015 by Paul Cardwell 4 Comments

Do you want to donate to a charity but are not sure which one? Well, don’t worry TFN has just the solution to help you decide.

Click below to take our eight question quiz and based on your answers we will suggest some charities that might just be right up your street.

Now you know what you care about – find out how to donate.

Remember this is just for a bit of fun. TFN is responsible and always suggests doing a little bit more research when deciding which charity to support.

Feel free to let us know if your result suits you in the comments below.

29th October 2015 by Eileen McGifford

As farcical as a buzzfeed quiz! Come on TFN, you can do better.

26th April 2017 by Ali

Or Circle!

8th September 2017 by nicole


24th July 2018 by HEENA

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