Recommendations made to improve hospital care for children

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The latest Children in Hospital survey has made a series of recommendations for improving hospital treatment for young people

6th November 2019 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Key recommendations have been made to ensure children receive the best treatment possible from Scottish hospitals.

Improvements to facilities for young people, access to education, and information for children and families have been highlighted as issues of importance in the latest Children in Hospital survey.

The annual study takes an in-depth look at the provision of parental visiting, family facilities and ward procedures in Scottish hospitals that admit children and young people. The survey is carried out by Children’s Health Scotland.

Key recommendations outlined in the survey include making overnight accommodation and unrestricted visits able to families, that children under the age of 16 should not be admitted to adult wards and for ward staff to provide clear information that is understood by parents and carers.

Professor Richard Olver, chair of Children’s Health Scotland said: “Since our last survey in 2012-13, it is pleasing to note that progress has been achieved in the provision of hospital services for children and young people such as open visiting and the provision of overnight and on-ward facilities for parents or carers.

“However, there are still areas for improvement particularly with reference to the standards set out in the EACH Charter. It is a fact that all children have an explicit right to achieve their developmental potential and to sustain the highest possible standard of health, with a right to appropriate health services to facilitate attainment of these goals.

“On analysis of the findings more needs to be done, especially in relation to admission to adult wards, the provision of healthcare rights information, and compliance with Scottish Government guidance on the provision of education and on the nutritional content of food in hospital. We now look forward to working with those in the sector to implement the recommendations within the report.”