Recruitment begins for Scotland’s Citizens’ Assembly

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More than 100 people will be chosen at random to form the Assembly. 

27th August 2019 by Gavin Stuart 4 Comments

Recruitment has begun to find members for Scotland’s first Citizens’ Assembly.

The Assembly will randomly recruit more than 100 members, aged 16 and over, who are broadly representative of the adult population in Scotland today.

Their role will be to consider a range of evidence relevant to Scotland’s constitutional future and to develop a formal list of recommendations in a report to the Scottish Government.

Members will be profiled against a range of criteria to ensure they are broadly representative according to geography, age, gender, ethnic group, educational qualifications and limiting long term conditions/disability.

Political opinions, including attitudes towards Scottish independence and Brexit, will also be considered in the process.

Recruiters will visit households selected at random across Scotland to choose members. Occupants will then be taken through a questionnaire to assess their eligibility and willingness to become Assembly members, with those chosen being contacted at a future date.

The Assembly, convened by David Martin and Kate Wimpress, will meet for six weekends a year beginning this autumn.

Ms Wimpress, said: “The Assembly is a milestone democratic process for Scotland and for me it is a privilege to be able to be a part of it.

“We hope the public feel the same way. Indeed, we have had many people get in touch already to volunteer, however, it is essential the member base is as representative of modern Scotland as possible, so we have taken a robust approach to recruitment.”

Mr Martin added: “Member recruitment is the first major step in the Assembly’s work and our approach will be thorough and transparent.

“The process is now underway and across Scotland a broad range of people will be getting a knock at the door over the coming weeks. We hope they take the opportunity to listen and consider taking a role in shaping the discussion on Scotland’s constitutional future.”

27th August 2019 by George Walsh

We've got community councillors ,local authority councillors,MPs and .MSPs. We dont need another voice particularly if its unelected.

28th August 2019 by Raymond Reid

How do i apply?

28th August 2019 by Ann Marie Cain

I never saw any advertising to recruit members for the Citizens Assembly. I have concerns that you will have the usual Question Time regulars. It would be interesting to know where candidates were made aware of the application process.

29th August 2019 by Stuart A Elliot

I have not seen any application information any where online or in the media . How would I be able to apply