Royal Blind School pupils funk it up!


Kids, teachers, admin and kitchen staff at the Royal Blind School clearly had a ball making their own version of catchy tune Uptown Funk

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2nd November 2015 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

It is simply not possible to watch this fantastic Edinburgh Royal Blind School version of Uptown Funk without smiling!

Pupils and staff clearly had an amazing time re-writing the lyrics to the Mark Ronson hit song and choreographing a great video that showcases the whole school.

You can see admin staff punching stamps in tune to the beat, kitchen staff waving their dishtowels, and pupils and teachers all strutting their stuff.

The fun idea was brought to life by the school’s music teacher Louisa Maddison who wanted to work on a project that involved the whole school.

Head teacher Elaine Brackenridge, who also appears in the video, said: “Louisa and the young people involved in the project have produced an excellent video which showcases a range of talents. I hope that our version of Uptown Funk is enjoyed by many as they click on the link to view our superstars and I’m not only talking about the pupils.

“Music plays a huge part in the lives of our youngsters with some choosing to study music when they leave school through further or higher education.   

“The Royal Blind School is a great place to work with pupils who are a joy to teach.”