SCIAF donates aid to Gaza


Scottish international aid body SCIAF has launched an appeal for the people of Gaza and donated £30,000 for aid, including emergency medical supplies

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5th August 2014 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

As Israel announced the withdrawl of troops from the Gaza strip this week, the Scottish Catholic International Aid Fund (SCIAF) said it is sending £30,000 to provide emergency aid to thousands of people caught in the conflict in Gaza.

SCIAF is working with sister charity Caritas Jerusalem and others to provide medical supplies to four hospitals, food, blankets, fuel, soap, buckets and trauma counselling to the most vulnerable.

Since early July, over 1,700 people have been killed including 393 children and 208 women.  Over 7,500 houses have been destroyed by bombs, shells and rocket fire.  More than 250,000 people have fled their homes.  Schools, hospitals, refugee camps and places of worship have been hit.  Many people are going without electricity or running water.  

This is the third war in five years between the Israeli army and Palestinian militants – and innocent civilians are paying the price.

SCIAF director Alistair Dutton said: “The humanitarian situation in Gaza is horrific.  As ever, ordinary people are bearing the brunt of the violence.  More than 1,700 people have been killed,

"8,000 wounded, and over 250,000 now homeless.  Many civilians have been deeply traumatised by what has happened to them, including an estimated 125,000 children.

“SCIAF’s partners on the ground are providing urgently needed food, clean water, medical supplies, counselling, hygiene kits including soap, toothbrushes and nappies, and other basic essentials such as blankets, cooking utensils and buckets.  We are sending an initial £30,000 in emergency aid and will continue to work with our sister agencies in Caritas to get aid to those who need it most.”   

SCIAF is appealing to members of the public to donate to its Emergency Conflict Appeal online or by calling 0141 354 5555.