Scotland needs massive increase in affordable homes

Affordable homes

Country still falling well short of targets 

14th August 2017 by Robert Armour 2 Comments

A huge push to build more affordable homes has been called for by a leading housing body.

The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA) responded to the Scottish Government’s planning consultation by calling for a major focus on increasing the supply of affordable homes.

Research published in 2015 by the SFHA and other housing bodies, found that 60,000 new affordable homes were required over five years.

While the Scottish Government responded to the report by increasing funding and setting a target to build 50,000 affordable homes – 35,000 for social rent – over the lifetime of the current parliament, the SFHA said it believes that reform of the planning system provides a major opportunity to increase housing supply in the long-term.

Sarah Boyack, SFHA head of public affairs, said: “A key driver behind the planning review was the concern that Scotland wasn’t building enough houses and its remit was to find solutions to this major problem. 

"The SFHA is concerned, however, that proposals for a new planning bill do not focus enough on delivering more quality affordable homes.

“We are proposing a number of actions that we believe will increase the delivery of affordable housing in Scotland, create jobs and meet outstanding.

"We look forward to engaging with the Scottish Government, and with politicians at Holyrood, as the bill goes through parliament.” 

Earlier this month a report by Shelter Scotland said the country was in the grip of a housing crisis with private renters and the young disproportionately affected.

Housing minister Kevin Stewart said: “This government is working hard to protect the most vulnerable in society from the impact of the UK government’s harsh austerity cuts.

“We have delivered 60,000 affordable homes in our time in office, reintroduced council housing, ended right to buy, and are supporting people into home ownership.

“We are on track to deliver even more houses in this parliamentary term with our commitment to deliver at least 50,000 affordable homes – including 35,000 social homes, backed by over £3 billion investment during the lifetime of this parliament.”

15th August 2017 by Helena

Th Scottish government are investing massively in house building for people who cannot afford to buy and thy have a scheme in place for first time buyers, who can access a very low cost mortgage via the SNP Scottish government initative.TFN is becoming far too partisan and not reporting the good work that the Scottish government are doing, and not reporting on the terrible austerity imposed on Scotland's most vulnerable by the tory UKgovernment.The tories are removing funding via benefits cuts, like the bedroom tax which the SNPGov have to mitigate, otherwise we would see many more vulnerable people facing homelessness.The Scotgov, the SNPGov, are mitigating many if not most of the dreadful attacks by the Tory UKGov, on our poorest, and our most vulnerable.Do feel free to report on the actual work (the day job) that Nicola Sturgeon and her government ar doing, otherwise you risk being akin to th tabloid right wing biased anti SNP media that we see every day.I am sure that you must have a complaints procedure. It would be interesting to know who funds you in fact. Hopefully not the ScotGov!

16th August 2017 by Peter Le Riche

I think planning permissions should be more relaxed regarding log cabins and tiny homes.