Scotland shows its love for carers in mass rally

Love rally

29th October 2018 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Care Experienced people from all over Scotland  marched through Glasgow in a historic march to highlight love for the country’s carers.

Dubbed the “Love Rally” it began with a gathering in St Enoch Square at lunchtime on Friday before a procession through the streets of Glasgow, led by a small band. 

The afternoon culminated with a rally on the steps of the Royal Concert Hall, with politicians and care experts from across the country taking part. 

Organised by Who Cares? Scotland, the group's Kevin Browne-MacLeod said: “Care Experienced people and Who Cares? Scotland’s 2,000 plus members have told us that love is the most important element that they feel is missing from care at present and they have no right to experience it.

“Unfortunately, this has led to so many, never experiencing love, never feeling love and never being told that they are loved. In fact, many communities have actively campaigned against Care Experienced people being in their community.

“This is because of the stigma that is attached to being in care which has resulted in Care Experienced people being ashamed and silenced. Care Experienced people now feel proud and have organised this rally to tell people they deserve to be loved."