Scotland’s government to open up to civil society

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Scotland is one of 14 countries around the world that will pilot an open government programme 

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13th April 2016 by Alex Turnbull 0 Comments

Scotland is to lead the way in making government more open and ensuring it works better for people

The Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO) will lead the civil society response in a pilot programme which has selected Scotland as one of 14 pioneers across the world to make governments more open and transparent.

Led by the Open Government Partnership (OGP), a powerful project set up by 69 of the world's leading nations to make governments more responsive to their citizens, the pilot programme will require governments to work with charities and wider civil society to drive forward open government reform. 

Lucy McTernan, deputy chief executive of SCVO said: “This is an exciting development which will really put Scotland’s commitment to human rights, open democracy and engaging with its citizens under the spotlight not just here in Scotland but internationally.

“In the voluntary sector, much of what we do succeeds or fails depending on how open and transparent government is with its citizens. We’re looking forward to working jointly with the Scottish Government and MSPs to make sure that being open and engaging with people in Scotland really is a priority, and to produce firm commitments on how Scotland can become one of the world’s pioneers for creating an upfront and engaging approach to government that works better for people.”

Find out more at the OGP Scotland webpage.

On the 20 April, SCVO and Involve UK are hosting an event to inform the Scottish actions for the UK Open Government Action Plan for 2017-2019. Sign up here.