Here comes the bridle: Scots and English horse charities get hitched


First merger between English and Scots charities under new legislation 

2nd February 2015 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Scottish charity Mountains Animal Sanctuary has merged with an English-based horse charity.

The merger, with Redwings Horse Sanctuary, is the first of its kind under new charity legislation covering mergers between English and Scottish charities, and has taken more than two and half years to complete.

Mountains Animal Sanctuary, based near Forfar in Angus, will be renamed Redwings Mountains.

It is currently home to 98 rescued horses, ponies and donkeys on 220 acres, with 53 out on loan.

This really is a meeting of minds for two dedicated horse welfare charities

Residents include donkeys Minnie and Mouse, tiny falabella Dayzee, two sheep called Toffee and Treacle and orphaned foal Gibson Fraser, who was rescued after his mother died.

Redwings chief executive Lynn Cutress said: “This really is a meeting of minds for two dedicated horse welfare charities and it ensures a secure future for Mountains as well as allowing Redwings to expand our work across the border into Scotland.

“Both charities celebrated their 30th anniversaries last year and so it’s a very appropriate and exciting time to begin this wonderful new chapter in our history.”

Redwings is the largest horse sanctuary in the UK, and is now responsible for over 2,000 rescued horses, ponies, donkeys and mules at ten sites across England and Scotland.

The Scottish centre will continue to operate as an active rescue and rehoming centre.

The visitor centre at Redwings Mountains will open to visitors later in the year.