Scottish cancer charity faces bizarre plagiarism allegation


Aberdeen based cancer charity Friends of Anchor has been accused of stealing a Ukrainian city's tourism logo 

14th August 2017 by Georgina Harris 0 Comments

A Scottish cancer charity has been accused of plagiarising a Ukrainian city’s tourism logo.

Odessa is Ukraine’s fourth largest city but is relatively unknown in Scotland, until this bizarre accusation.

Russian artist Artemy Lebedev told Ukrainian media that Friends of Anchor, a charity set up to support the ANCHOR unit at Aberdeen Royal Infirmary which treats cancer patients in the North East of Scotland, had stolen his design for Odessa’s new tourism brand. 

He claimed that “Scotland has stolen from Odessa” in a controversial comment aimed at the 20 anchor sculptures installed across North East Scotland to mark the charity’s 20th anniversary.

Friends of Anchor launched its 20 for 20 voyage to raise awareness for its campaign to bring a new oncology research team to North East Scotland.

Many in Odessa have claimed this criticism is too harsh, as the Scottish anchors are helping call attention to a worthwhile cause.

Ukraine’s deputy minister for tourism Ivan Liptuga even commented on the accusation, calling the Scottish similarity just a “coincidence”.  

Sarah-Jane Hogg, PR and fundraising manager at Friends of Anchor, also said the similarity was a complete coincidence: "The anchors are synonymous with our charity as ANCHOR stands for Aberdeen and North Centre for Haematology, Oncology and Radiotherapy. We wanted the anchors to be shaped like a heart, aiming to celebrate our 20th anniversary."

For information about Friends of Anchor's campaign and to support their fundraising efforts, visit their website.