Scottish charity hits out at right-wing group


Social care organisation Turning Point has been forced to deny that it has links to a controversial conservative group

6th February 2019 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A Scottish social care charity has hit out at a right-wing group for posing under a similar identity.

Conservative youth group Turning Point has been in the news this week after receiving the backing of Tory MPs Jacob Rees-Mogg and Priti Patel.

However Scottish care organisation Turning Point has been forced to stress that it has no links to the organisation after an online stir around the expansion of the offshoot of the controversial US campaign group.

A Twitter account entitled Turning Point UK Scotland is one of many regional accounts that appear to have been created in recent weeks as the group looks to spread into Britain.

Content tweeted by the account so far includes “#TurningPointUK Scotland is losing the fight against the snowflakes of this generation, we must fight against the nonces of LGBT and the Labour party” and “smh liberals be crying about how racism is wrong but making fun of someones face is right #TurningPointUK #turningpoint #makeracismlegal”.

In turn, this has forced Turning Point the charity to stress that it has no connection to the right wing group.

The charity said: “We are aware a political organisation has started using a name similar to our own. We would like to clarify they are nothing to do with Turning Point Scotland whatsoever.

“We have been supporting adults with a range of complex needs across Scotland for 20 years. We would like to reassure people we support, their families and our partner agencies and to check our official website if they need information about us.

“We have no affiliations or links to any political movements and never have done. We would like to thank people for bringing this to our attention and for their kind words of support.”

Turning Point UK is a spin-off from a US youth campaign that advocates free markets and small government, loudly supporting Donald Trump and campaigning on free speech issues.

Turning Point USA vehemently insists it is inclusive, but has been dubbed as a white supremacist group by the Southern Poverty Law Centre.

Claiming to be the “biggest and most far-reaching youth organisation in America”, it says it espouses “freedom, free markets and limited government” and runs events sponsored by the National Rifle Association.