Scottish politicians must prioritise social care more


The next Scottish Government should include a cabinet minister for people with long-term conditions, disabled Scots and unpaid carers

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11th February 2016 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

Health and social care must be a top priority for politicians before the upcoming Scottish parliamentary elections, a group of charities has said.

Publishing the 2 Million Expert Voices manifesto ahead of the May Holyrood election, the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland highlighted recent research which found Scots voters rank health and social care as top of their list of priorities for future Scottish governments.  

The membership body which represents health and social care charities in Scotland said the next Scottish Government should include a cabinet position to represent people with long-term conditions, people who are disabled and unpaid carers. 

The four in 10 people who live with long-term conditions across Scotland are the experts in their lives

It also says there needs to be a new approach to social security, based on compassion and human rights.

Introducing priorities that make sure healthcare services and social care support prevents loneliness and social isolation will be key to ensuring a better future for vulnerable Scots.

Ian Welsh, chief executive of the alliance, explained that health and social care support, often provided by third sector organisations, can play a key role in helping people develop friendships and social support.

He said: “The four in 10 people who live with long-term conditions across Scotland are the experts in their lives and we must listen to their experience and knowledge and in order to make sure society enables them to flourish.”

“A renewed Scottish Parliament allows for new hope and vigour for the future. Our manifesto suggests 18 ways to change course and ensure that two million people who are disabled, people with long term conditions and unpaid carers are supported to enjoy their right to live well.”

The new website is supporting people to have their say about the alliance's manifesto and what they want to see in the next Scottish Parliament.


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