Scottish social enterprises to work with African counterparts

Malwai launch dr alasdair allan and karen chinkwita web

A new collaboration has been launched to boost working between Scotland and Malawi

12th September 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A new partnership has been launched to link up Scottish social enterprises with similar projects in Africa.

Social Enterprise Academy Malawi aims to build on and invest in the long term relationship between Scotland and Malawi.

Minister for International Development & Europe, Dr Alasdair Allan, met with Social Enterprise Academy International managing director, Sam Baumber, and Social Enterprise Malawi chief executive Karen Chinkwita, to celebrate Scotland sharing its world class social enterprise expertise with social entrepreneurs in Malawi.

The partnership will have an emphasis on trade, not aid, and is key to igniting social enterprise ecosystems in Sub Saharan Africa and around the world.

Dr Allan said: "Scotland has a long history of developing models of business for social good. Today, social enterprises continue to play a role in the economy and have a huge impact on communities all over the country.

“Through promoting social enterprise in southern Africa, Scotland will contribute to its role as a good global citizen, and extend its international impact.

“Social enterprises contribute to the global fight against poverty, which is why our collaboration with Malawi, Rwanda and Zambia is so important.”

Chinkwita, said: "We are excited to set up Social Enterprise Academy Malawi to support leaders to get better at doing good. Everyone wins when leaders get better; transformed leaders bring change to their communities.

"The Scottish Government investment gives leverage to Malawian businesses to become equal trade partners - as seen in the example of Jubilee Enterprise and Social Enterprise Academy Scotland.

"Together we are bringing an adaptable model to Malawi. The community focus of the learning and development model has been quickly taken up locally as we are a communal people.”