Seven-year-old survivor Ehryn helps others beat cancer too

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After a gruelling battle with bone cancer, this seven-year-old from Elgin is fronting the latest Cancer Research UK campaign

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23rd September 2016 by Susan Smith 0 Comments

At just seven years old, she has already beaten bone cancer, now brave Ehryn Andrews is determined to ensure other children can beat cancer too.

The Elgin school girl who loves art, swimming, drama and the Brownies has been through a harrowing few years after being diagnosed with osteosarcoma in October 2014, aged just five.

Doctors said it was unlikely she would walk again after surgery to cut out the tumour. Then, on top of the cancer, sepsis and the side effects of chemotherapy irreparably damaged her heart and last summer Ehryn had a heart transplant at Freeman Hospital in Newcastle.

Now Ehryn, who has recently gone back to school, has learnt to walk again against all the odds and enjoys playing properly again with big brother Ryan, aged 10.

Remarkable Ehryn is now rallying people across Scotland to help beat children’s cancers sooner by dropping off any clothing, accessories and quality homeware they no longer need at their nearest TK Maxx store.

The seven-year-old posed with a megaphone to help highlight the message loud and clear – unwanted clothes really could save lives.

Each bag of donated items will be transformed into vital funds for research into cures and kinder treatments for cancers affecting children, teens and young adults, when they are sold in Cancer Research UK shops.

Ehryn is one of around 110 children in Scotland who are diagnosed with the disease every year, so the Andrews family know first-hand just how important new breakthroughs and discoveries are to help more young people survive.

Mum Lyanne, aged 36, a staff nurse at Dr Gray’s Hospital in Elgin, said: “When we were told Ehryn had bone cancer, we were terrified that we were going to lose her. But she is such a little fighter. Se coped with months of treatment with unbelievable bravery, strength and resilience – despite all the things she was missing out on while she was ill.

“My husband Ross and I are amazed by Ehryn every single day. Our little girl was told she would never walk again but here she is running around. She has so much energy.

“We’re so grateful for the treatment that saved Ehryn’s life. Success stories like ours would not be possible without Cancer Research UK’s life-saving work, which in turn relies on everyone who raises crucial funds.”

Since its launch in 2004, everyone who has detoxed their cupboards or donated money in support of Give Up Clothes for Good has helped TK Maxx raise a staggering £25.5 million for Cancer Research UK.

Over £21 million of this total directly funds work to help find better and kinder treatments for youngsters like Ehryn.