Sex workers told: know your rights

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​Charity hands out cards to sex workers detailing their rights 

16th March 2015 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

A charity has launched a “know your rights" card amid concerns sex workers are being criminalised and targeted by police.

Scotpep, which campaigns for sex workers, has backing from the National Union of Students (NUS) and wants to increase awareness about what police can and cannot do.

Under current laws, two women working together for safety can be arrested in connection with brothel keeping.

The charity says this forces people to work alone which can make them vulnerable to dangerous men.

We want to give power back to sex workers, and that's what this card does - Nadine Stott

Nadine Stott, co-chairwoman of Scotpep, said: "We want to give power back to sex workers, and that's what this card does: if you're familiar with your rights, you are more able to accept or decline support on your own terms - and we think all support should be on your own terms, else it's not really support."

NUS Scotland women's officer, Vonnie Sandlan, said they would be urging student unions to distribute the card.

She said: "Scotpep’s know your rights card will be an invaluable resource for all sex workers, including those who may also be students.

"We will be encouraging student unions across Scotland to distribute the card to their members.

"It's clear that criminalisation and punitive policing are a major concern for student sex workers, and initiatives like this that seek to give power to sex workers in their interactions with the police are so important."