SFHA calls on politicians to fix benefits and fight climate change

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The Scottish Federation of Housing Associations has released “three key asks” ahead of election day. 

2nd December 2019 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

The next UK Government must make safe, secure and affordable housing a priority, according to the Scottish Federation of Housing Associations (SFHA).

With around 160,000 families in Scotland awaiting a permanent home, the federation warns that many more are trapped in inadequate accommodation.

It is now urging politicians from all parties to take action on poverty, climate change and immigration once the next UK Government is formed.

The federation has issued three “key asks” to future ministers ahead of polling day.

These include improving Universal Credit to make the benefits system fairer for tenants and social landlords and working with housing associations to deliver more energy-efficient homes and fight climate change.

The SFHA is also calling for an immigration system which ensure the supply of “vital” labour such as care-givers and construction workers regardless of the outcome of Brexit.

Alex Close, SFHA head of public affairs, said: “We believe that everyone living in Scotland deserves a safe, warm, energy efficient affordable home – and the next UK Government can help to ensure this ambition by committing to delivering our three asks.

“The Universal Credit system is still not fit for purpose: it continues to cause issues for social landlords, and it is pushing many tenants into poverty. Fixing the system, particularly ending the five-week wait for payment, must be a priority for the next government.

“Despite housing associations having to meet strict energy efficiency targets, their tenants are experiencing increasing levels of fuel poverty. The next government must take steps to address energy pricing so that tenants can afford to heat their homes.

“Finally, we are asking the next government to commit to ensuring that the immigration system can continue to deliver labour supply where it is needed in the housing sector – whether this is building affordable homes or delivering services.”