Simon Community celebrates 50 years of helping the homeless

Simon community

Carolanne Boyle, whose involvement at Simon Community Scotland has seen her build her own bike - with the help of Richard Andrews - at bicycle recycling workshop, The Bike Station (Glasgow).

​Charity's half century of helping people.

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2nd September 2016 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

A homelessness charity based in Glasgow has launched the first in a series of events marking its 50th anniversary.

Simon Community Scotland - which is hoping the anniversary will result in a surge of volunteers - delivers around 170,000 hours of support every year and engages with up to 3,000 people at risk of, or experiencing, homelessness.

In particular, it seeks to reach rough sleepers in Glasgow, and its Street Team sees around 150 people on the streets every month, with up to 40 new cases each month.

This week it was at the Glasgow outlet of the bicycle recycling workshop and social enterprise The Bike Station, where a group of services users are learning to build their own bikes.

It’s with mixed feelings that we mark our 50th birthday; but so long as there is homelessness we will be there

The collaboration with The Bike Station is an illustration of the charity’s ethos of finding solutions that are individually-tailored.

Simon Community Scotland chief executive Lorraine McGrath said: “Homelessness could happen to anyone and is as much hidden from view - such as sofa-hopping and short-term, uncertain lets - as it is visible, on our streets.

“It’s with mixed feelings that we mark our 50th birthday; but so long as there is homelessness we will be there, our ethos being about coming alongside people and finding practical solutions.

“We are certainly using this 50th birthday to recruit more volunteers and we are fortunate to have secured funding to employ a dedicated volunteering manager.

“Our approach involves spending a lot of time. If you are going to be there for someone - helping carry the burden, for the journey - then you need to have not just a sympathetic ear, but the time. Volunteers can help us achieve that.

“Many of our volunteers are former service users and this 50th anniversary is also a chance to acknowledge how vital they are to us, plus our staff and other friends and supporters.”

The Bike Station initiative was established by Hugh Hill, director of services and development at Simon Community Scotland, and Bike Station project manager, Victoria Leiper.

Hugh Hill said: “This collaboration with the Bike Station is an example of our work in action: it’s about providing people the chance to learn a new skill, improving self-confidence and providing a means of transport; for instance, for job interviews.”

Carolanne Boyle, aged 43, first became homeless during her early 20s, following a relationship breakdown.

She has been homeless, on and off, for the past 20 years or so, but is now benefitting from the support of Simon Community Scotland in various guises, including gardening in a local allotment.

She said: “I never imagined myself being able to build a bike, from scratch, but here I am.

“The bike is built, it’s helping me keep fit and I’m cycling every day. It’s really helping me turn my life around.

“I am now starting to get my weight sorted. With Simon Community Scotland, I’m doing so much, it’s really constructive.”

Several events are schedule this month to mark the Simon Community Scotland’s birthday, the highlight being a party on the 29th, involving service users, staff, volunteers and partner organisations.

The Bike Station’s Leiper said: “The build-your-own bike courses are not just about bike building but also cover key skills such as route planning and safe on-road cycling - including going out on the roads.

"By the end of the course, the ladies not only have a bike to get them from A to B but the skills and confidence to cycle as a mode of travel.

"The partnership we have with Simon Community Scotland is all about providing opportunities for people that make a difference to their day-to-day lives –  we are a great fit and are thrilled to be working with such a worthwhile and established organisation.”