Stockbridge home transfers to new owners


​Home taken under the auspices of social care housing group Bield

6th July 2015 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Turn2us is to sell a Stockbridge care home to housing association Bield 

The home, at Haugh Street in Edinburgh, provides accommodation for 10 people in need of residential low-level care. 

Bield has managed the facility on behalf of the charity since 1988 but now it is to purchase the home outright.

As part of the terms of the sale, the fee structure and continuity of care are to remain unchanged.  

The home came under the auspices of Turn2us - which used to be known as Elizabeth Finn Care - in July 2011 from the City of Edinburgh Council as part of a programme involving 33 other trusts and charities which merged to form the Edinburgh Trust.

The trust currently spends around £450,000 every year to provide support to those in financial difficulty across the city and it is planned that the money raised by the sale of the care home to Bield will provide the resources to allow the charity to accelerate that work further.

Bryan Clover, director of transformational planning at Turn2us, said: “With this sale, we have provided a safe and secure future for the current residents at the Stockbridge Care Home while also freeing up vital funds for the Edinburgh Trust to provide support to even more families that are struggling across Edinburgh. 

“Since Bield has managed the facility since 1988, and as the terms of the sale have made clear, residents, their families and staff will find that same standard of care and security of tenure will continue with no disruption. The needs of the ten residents have been paramount throughout this whole process and I am very happy that this sale will ensure continuity of care.”

Charlie Dickson, director of care services at Bield, said: “In reality, there will be no change at all for staff or residents.

“Bield has been providing quality housing and related services for older people in Scotland for more than 40 years and this acquisition will allow Stockbridge Care Home to come fully under – and benefit from – Bield’s management.”