Supporters rally round baby loss charity

Held in our hearts

Virtual challenges raise vital funds for Held In Our Hearts. 

1st June 2020 by Gavin Stuart 2 Comments

Supporters have rallied round a baby loss charity by taking part in a series of virtual challenges during the lockdown.

Like most charities, Held In Our Hearts has been forced to adapt to the impacts of coronavirus on its services.

The Edinburgh-based charity has seen a huge increase in demand, offering hundreds of hours of support to bereaved families since lockdown began in March. Meanwhile, social distancing rules have meant that many traditional fundraising events have been cancelled.

Despite this, supporters have taken on challenges within their local communities to raise vital funds for the charity.

In May, 102 runners raised a total of £4357 for Held In Our Hearts over the weekend of the cancelled Edinburgh Marathon. The charity is now urging supporters to take on #TheKTeam, its new challenge for June, which asks people to see how many kilometres they can run.

Nicola Welsh, the charity’s chief executive officer, said: “Since the lockdown, we have provided over 339 hours of face to face (online) support to families individually, in couples and in groups, 126 phone calls, 873 emails and texts, which is a huge increase on what we would normally provide.

“Our team is working harder than ever to meet that increased need and is never more needed, as we are only beginning to see the traumatic impact of this crisis on families, especially those families that have experienced a loss during lockdown. These challenges have been such a positive way for people not only to raise awareness, but also to give a small, but much appreciated donation for our work.”

Fundraising manager Tracy Watt added: “Like many charities, we have seen our income streams hugely affected by the Covid-19 crisis with many spring and summer sports and challenge events cancelled. We wanted to create challenges that would bring our community together, giving a focus and helping boost their mental health, while we all remain in lockdown.”

3rd June 2020 by Katrina Zimmerman

Ive had a really tough life when my son died i spiraled and been trying to get back on my feet and have no one on my side feeling like god and everyone has given up on me and its a horrible feeling i just want help to get my birth certificate from Germany and my lisence back and a good old used car to get to a starting point again being homeless and listening to your babies grow up over a phone call hurts and i cant lose them ive already burried one.

3rd June 2020 by Gareth Jones

Hi Katrina, Sorry to hear you are facing a tough time. You can find out more about the support Held in Our Hearts can offer at Take care