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​Charity wants people who use hearing aids to them what they think about the NHS

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7th December 2015 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

A hearing loss charity is urging people in Scotland who use NHS hearing devices to complete a survey about their experiences of audiology and support services.

Action on Hearing Loss Scotland has produced the poll to gather information to see whether the individual communication, accessibility and support needs of people who are deaf or hard of hearing are being met.  

Delia Henry, director of Action on Hearing Loss Scotland, said: “We want to find out about the types of information and support provided by NHS audiology and charity-run aftercare services which are most effectively helping people in Scotland to manage their hearing loss and also where there could be room for improvement.”

People in Scotland who use local NHS audiology services are invited to complete the survey online or email scotland@hearingloss.org.uk or call 01563 539900 to request a paper version.