Taxi drivers need more awareness of dementia

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Those with dementia have called for more sensitivity towards the needs of passengers

19th September 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Taxi passengers with dementia rank sensitivity to their needs as a top demand.

Research by charity Rica found that taxi and minicab firms would deliver a better service if they showed more sensitivity to the needs of passengers who live with dementia.

The study saw the charity team up with members of the Camden Minds Dementia Engagement and Empowerment Project (DEEP) – who have Alzheimers or moderate forms of dementia and use taxis at least once a month.

The research was in two parts: participants booking and taking a taxi journey to a chosen workshop venue, followed by one-to-one and group discussions about their experiences of that journey and of previous ones.

The participants had varying past experiences of using taxis, however they agreed on a number of recommendations which could help taxi and minicab firms to improve both the booking process and the journey itself for passengers with dementia.

These included booking staff giving details of the driver, the driver identifying themselves on arrival and confirming journey details with the passenger. Booking staff should ask if a passenger needs assistance and pass this on to the driver. There were also calls for greater awareness of the condition, with passengers often liking to have the same driver for trips.