The day the world unites against cancer

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Wear a Unity Band to symbolise your opposition to the scourge of cancer.

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3rd February 2016 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

People are being urged to pick up a Unity Band and wear it with pride on World Cancer Day on Thursday (4 February).

Leading cancer charities Cancer Research UK (CRUK), Breast Cancer Care, Anthony Nolan and the Movember Foundation have joined forces for the day.

Together, their aim is to unite the nation and help transform the lives of millions of people affected by the disease.

People are being urged to buy a Unity band and wear it to symbolise the fightback against the disease.

Sonia Rocha

Sonia Rocha

Support research by wearing a Unity Band with pride on World Cancer Day

Collectively, the four charities touch the lives of millions of people across Scotland every year through their individual work in the prevention, detection, treatment and support of those affected by cancer.

CRUK scientist Sonia Rocha, from the University of Dundee, is studying how cancer cells behave when they are exposed to low oxygen.

Her research involves studying the messages that these oxygen-deprived cells send out in order to survive. Understanding this network of signals could help scientists find ways of intercepting these messages and starving the cancer cells.

Sonia is proud to wear the Unity Bands which represent strength in unity. The bands are made of two parts, knotted together, to symbolise the power of what can be achieved when people come together in a show of collective force.

She said: “My research would not be possible without the commitment of all our amazing supporters.

“Please support research by wearing a Unity Band with pride on World Cancer Day, a day when the world comes together to show that we can do something about cancer

“Whatever their motivation – to remember a loved one, celebrate people who have overcome the disease, or to rally in support of those going through treatment – we hope people in Scotland will really identify with World Cancer Day and feel empowered to make a difference.”

The Unity Bands are available from each charity in their own colours here for a suggested donation of £2. 

All money raised from the Unity Bands will go towards the charities’ individual research projects and support services.