Third of Scottish households suffer from fuel poverty

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UNISON has teamed up with Energy Action Scotland to launch an initiative that aims to tackle fuel poverty

22nd March 2018 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

One third of households in Scotland suffer from fuel poverty.

Research carried out by UNISON and Energy Action Scotland has revealed the amount of Scottish families that are struggling to keep their homes warm.

The organisations have teamed up to launch a new intiative that aims to brings together a range of resources with detailed guidance, so workers who address the consequences of fuel poverty in their jobs everyday can take action to improve the lives of the fuel poor. 

A new booklet and website with 25 detailed briefing sheets has been created to support UNISON members to help others to make the most of the resources available. Those who are sturggling will be encouraged to claim benefits and tax credits that they are entitled to. 

Lilian Macer, convener of UNISON Scotland, said: “I am delighted to launch this initiative. It won't eliminate fuel poverty - that requires political action. But it will promote the practical measures that can help minimise the impact of fuel poverty which effects almost a third of people in Scotland. 

“There are three main elements to tackling fuel poverty – the price of fuel, energy efficiency/use and household income. UNISON Scotland campaigns on all of these issues and will continue to urge governments to take action to eliminate fuel poverty. We also recognise that our members can play a practical role in minimising fuel poverty.”