Thousands back call to drop royal title from new Glasgow hospital


Campaigners demand royal title is dropped from Scotland's newest hospital 

6th July 2015 by Robert Armour 4 Comments

Over 5,400 people, and counting, have signed a petition opposing the royal title of Scotland’s newest hospital.

Campaigners say calling the new facility the Queen Elizabeth University Hospital is an "affront to democracy".

The Queen and the Duke of Edinburgh officially opened it last Friday as part of a week-long visit to Scotland.

The new hospital, which sits on the site of the former Southern General, combines the Royal Hospital for Sick Kids at Yorkhill, the Southern General as well as the Western and Victoria infirmaries.

Campaigner John Beattie, who launched the petition on the online site, said: "We call on the Greater Glasgow and Clyde Health Board to change the name of the new South Glasgow hospital.

"Naming the new hospital after a monarch is an affront to our democracy. The fundamental principle of democracy is the equality of all people.

"Considering the fundamental principle of monarchy is superiority of the monarch and their family over everyone else in society, we feel the naming of a public building after such a person is unacceptable."

One petitioner, Colin MacRaild, left the comment: "There are so many genuinely deserving people out there who have devoted their lives to help their fellows that it seems incredible we name these institutions after a family of spoilt, cosseted individuals who live in luxury at the expense of the very people who need the services in question.

"Surely it's time for us to grow up and see these people and their hangers on for what they are?"

An NHS Greater Glasgow and Clyde spokeswoman said: "It was an honour for our staff and patients to have the queen officially open three magnificent new health care facilities which will benefit not only the people of Glasgow but the people of Scotland.

"It is also a privilege to be given the honour of royal title for these magnificent new buildings.”

7th July 2015 by manager

Is there not more important things to campaign against? Such as pushing governments to be greener and more sustainable or campaigning to ensure those that need help the most get it. It time people stopped being engrossed in non issues and actually get some real perspective of where we are as a nation.

7th July 2015 by David Reid

Who is this guy John Beattie? "Affront to our democracy", "superiority of the monarch over everyone else". Is he on this planet? I very much doubt that the queen considers herself superior even to him, although she might consider herself to be better informed on what the real population thinks. You've really got to feel sorry for his mean spirited and tunnel visioned approach.I doubt the silent majority will even bother to comment, but I was brought up in the 1940s Glasgow housing schemes where we were a bit bolshie and the vast majority were very much pro-monarchy. I doubt it's changed much over the years as the enthusiastic working class crowds to be seen anywhere the queen goes in Scotland demonstrates.Do envy and bitterness really suit you John? (I'll send you a pound of sugar maybe to sweeten you up.) Most Scots are above that.Oh, and well done Robert Armour - let them witter on, then cut their feet from under them with the last couple of sentences.

8th July 2015 by John

The Nationalists are an affront to democracy. You lost the referendum so get over it. The name is fine. Johnny frae Fife

8th July 2015 by John

I wonder how many signed it more than once?