Tory cuts to cost disabled £50 a week by 2020

Disabled cuts

Disabled households are already suffering from cuts to their incomes but there's much more to come

19th September 2017 by Robert Armour 3 Comments

Disabled people’s income will fall by at least £50 a week by 2020 because of Tory welfare cuts.

Some 900,000 disabled people will see their benefits affected by that amount, according to research by the consultancy Policy in Practice.

It found more than two fifths of the UK’s 7.2 million working-age, low-income households containing a working-age disabled person would lose out.

The impact of welfare cuts introduced after November 2016 will see these families lose an average £51.47 a week by 2020, compared with an average loss of £35.82 for households not containing a disabled person.

This comes on top of an average weekly loss of more than £20 for low-income households containing a working-age disabled person as a result of welfare reforms introduced pre-November 2016.

The research takes account of mitigating measures introduced by the government, such as the introduction of the national living wage and increases to the personal tax allowance.

Jim Anderson of the Scottish Anti-Cuts Alliance, which has mounted several protests outside DWP disability assessment centres, said:  “These cuts are playing with people’s lives,” he said. “We have a Tory government that doesn’t care and, in fact, is deliberately targeting disabled people because they believe they can’t fight back.

“As the UN stated last week – these cuts are inhumane and probably illegal yet the UK government cares not.

“But pressure is mounting and disabled campaigners will respond proportionately.

“We aren’t sitting back and allowing this ethnic cleansing through cuts to happen.

“More civil disobedience will take place.”

Policy in Practice has called for more support to help disabled households.

However a spokeswoman for the Department for Work and Pensions said: “This report assumes that people won’t make any attempt to change and improve their lives.

“But our welfare reforms incentivise work and, for the first time, universal credit helps working people progress and earn more, so they can eventually stop claiming benefits altogether.

"Under universal credit, people are finding a job faster and staying in it longer than under the old system, and since the benefit cap was introduced, 34,000 households have moved off the cap and into work.”  

19th September 2017 by Suzie

The constant comments by the Government and DWP beggars belief, let's look at this latest one "“But our welfare reforms incentivise work and, for the first time, universal credit helps working people progress and earn more, so they can eventually stop claiming benefits altogether." Maybe in your cuckoo, wonderland world, but not in mine. Chronic, permanent disability doesn't equate to people progressing. Progressing in what exactly? We are limited in our capacity to earn full stop. We want to earn and we do earn, but in order to stay in work at the level we're able to requires some sort of support. What we're able to earn is nowhere near the levels of ordinary citizens, even with the increase in personal tax allowance. I suggest you go and live with someone working with a permanent disability and see the real world for a change, instead of through rose tinted glassses. At the end of the day the Government and DWP have no interest in disabled citizens, there is no person centered approach and the attitudes of getting disabled people to the heights of ordinary working people just isn't realistic or going to happen anytime soon. On the other hand, providing the right support (not just in terms of finance) is going to save money in the long run as disabled people in work contribute to the economy anyway. I just wish I was nearer retirement age and life would be a lot easier.

19th September 2017 by Jam

What a load of cpap. Incentivise people off disability benefits by denying any benefit... they have already been taking of 100,000's of people and many have died.. but that's ok as it's saving against the conservative austerity driven cuts. Yet they give their top 1% tax cuts & dont bother chasing any tax evasion.. These people should be all locked up for crimes against humanity.. between the wars they start, the arms they sell to countries abusing human rights and the way they treat the sick & disabled here in the UK.. this government has become a dictatorship... even Assadd in Syria treated his people better until the 'western power's decided they wanted a more western friendly dictator there. Ever one in the UK is one accident or diagnosis from disaster.. yet until it happens to them they just don't care.

19th September 2017 by Helen Bevan p

This is disgusting as if things arn't hard enough for people And or people with disabilities without taking more money from them our money going down and the price of living is going up.How on earth are they being allowed to do this why is no one stoping them and how they can sleep at night is completely beyond me