Trainspotting’s Spud in charity appearance

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Ewan Bremner will join Irvine Welsh at a fundraiser for Leith Theatre

10th August 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

A Trainspotting star is returning to his roots to help a fundraising campaign.

Ewan Bremner, who played Spud in the iconic film, will appear at the 21st birthday of the movie at Leith Theatre on Friday (11 August).

The actor will be reading excerpts from a brand new Irvine Welsh novel, which will reveal what has happened to Spud, whose last appearance was in Danny Boyle’s long-awaited Trainspotting sequel T2.

Irvine Welsh will be making his only public appearance of the festival alongside Bremner at the fundraiser for the Leith Theatre Trust.

The trust is aiming to bring the theatre back to its former glory, having been closed for long spells throughout the past century. Frost/Nixon actor Michael Sheen called in to hear about the project on a recent visit to Edinburgh.

Bremner said: “As someone who benefited hugely from this city’s great community arts programs – and the guidance of its generous and creative arts workers, I can testify to how powerfully my own horizons were expanded by those experiences and encounters.

“The education I received in those venues and community theatre groups fed my mind massively and challenged me to go beyond my own inhibitions – in ways that have been very influential for me and my relationship with my own work today. It was completely invaluable for me.”

Neu Reekie! presents: Trainspotting turns 21 wi Irvine Welsh, The Fire Engines & Arthur Baker is on from 6.30pm on Friday 11 August.


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