Two Oxfam workers killed in Syria

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The men, both Syrian nationals, were attacked while they delivered aid. 

20th February 2020 by Gavin Stuart 0 Comments

Two Oxfam workers have been killed as they delivered aid to civilians in Syria.

Wissam Hazim, a staff safety officer for the charity, and Adel Al-Halabi, a driver, died when their vehicle was attacked by an armed group between Nawa and Al-Yadudah in the south of the country.

Both men were Syrian nationals, and both had been working for Oxfam since 2017.

As yet, the attackers have not been identified.

Paying tribute to the two men, Oxfam condemned the attack and called on all sides to ensure the safety of staff delivering lifesaving aid to people caught in the conflict.

Moutaz Adham, Oxfam Syria Country Director, said: “We are devastated by the loss of two valued colleagues who were killed as they worked to deliver aid to civilians caught in the Syrian conflict. Our love and thoughts are with their families.

“We condemn the attack in the strongest possible terms. It is essential that aid workers are able to get lifesaving assistance to civilians without being attacked themselves.”

Last year Oxfam helped over 1.2million people in Syria with aid including clean water, essential clothing, financial support and help growing food.