UK global giving stalls


​Annual index shows generosity of Britons compared to other countries 

5th September 2017 by Robert Armour 0 Comments

Britons have stalled in their generosity when it comes to giving to good causes, new research has revealed.

Figures show the UK followed a slight downward trend in generosity across the developed world, according to the CAF World Giving Index 2017, the global index of generosity.

The UK fell three places on the international index, which measures people giving to good causes, volunteering and helping strangers.

Its position went from eighth to eleventh in line with the wider global trend.

This year, the global index was down slightly on 2016: donating money and helping a stranger were down 1.8 percentage points whilst volunteering was down 0.8 percentage points.

However, while global generosity appears to have contracted, the decline is most noticeable amongst developed nations which failed to maintain the increases made in 2016.

The USA, the UK and Australia all fell three places, and despite remaining in fourth, New Zealand saw a two percentage point decrease in its World Giving Index score.

Sir John Low, chief executive of the Charities Aid Foundation said: “It’s human instinct to help others and it’s always humbling to be reminded that hundreds of millions of people around the world sacrifice their time, money and effort for the sake of others.

“This year’s Index results are slightly down on last year’s but it’s too early to know if this is a cause for real concern. It does remind us that our global culture of generosity should never be taken for granted.

“The big story this year is the amazing rise in giving across Africa. Around the world, economic development is lifting the income of millions of people and it is truly humbling to see that the natural reaction to increasing wealth is to give back to the society that nurtured.

Britain’s result may have been affected by the timing of this year’s survey, which took place in January and February last year, before key fundraising campaigns which account for an uplift in giving each year.

Africa showed the strong performance it saw in 2016, experiencing growth across all three giving behaviours (against its five year average). It was the only continent to achieve this and a feat it has achieved for the second consecutive year.

Sir John Low added: “Governments worldwide should make it a priority to encourage giving, build up civil society and seize the opportunity to translate economic development into a culture of generosity that will benefit everyone.”

The report surveyed more than 146,000 people in 139 countries.