UK’s most charitable names revealed


Who is the most generous? 

29th July 2020 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

If your name is Michelle you are the most likely to give to charity, new research has found.

Giving Assistant looked through different GoFundMe pages and collected the names of 5,000 donors.

It found Michelle topped the charts with Andrew holding the flag of most charitable males.

Most charitable namesAmount donated
1. Michelle£53
2. Andrew£21
3. Muhammed£15
4. Ruth£10
5. Emma£24
6. George£10
7. Marta£13
8. Gregory£5
9. Charlotte£11
10. David£9

Emma is the fifth most charitable name. Leading by example is namesake Emma Watson who is a U.N. Women Goodwill Ambassador and has donated millions to the Anti-Sexual Harassment campaign and UNICEF. Despite not being the most charitable in terms of name on the list, Emma’s on average donated the second most (£24).

George was placed as the sixth most charitable name. Gregory, Charlotte and David also share the top 10 spot.  

Out of the 5,000 names collected, 69% were identified as female which indicates that they are more charitable than men.

The website also surveyed 2,029 people to find out what makes people more likely to donate to charities finding the top five reasons as personal values; believing in a cause; to feel good; celebrity influence; and to post on social media.

4th August 2020 by Mohammed Razaq

Well done to all the Michelle's and others on the list however, the author true to form (of our media generally) does not mention Mohammed the only ethnic minority name in the top 10 which is 3rd on the list.