UN is told UK government is violating the rights of disabled


Campaigners tell UN committee rights are being routinely ignored 

21st August 2017 by Robert Armour 1 Comment

Disability organisations from across the UK will today tell a UN committee the government is violating the rights of disabled people.

Organisations including Inclusion Scotland will give submissions to the UN Committee on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Geneva and tell them the UK government has ignored their plight.

The committee is assessing the UK’s progress in implementing the UN Convention on the Rights of Disabled People, which the UK government ratified in 2009.

It will consider the government’s response to its questions then question representatives from the UK and devolved governments.

UK government policies arising from its welfare cuts agenda are routinely in breach of the convention, the campaigners claim. They say this is being exacerbated by the failure of other public sector bodies such as local authorities and NHS organisations to deliver the support and safeguards set out in the convention.

Sally Witcher, chief executive at Inclusion Scotland, said: “We remain deeply concerned about the erosion of Scottish Disabled people’s human rights caused by the UK government-led cuts to benefits and services.

“We are pleased to join our colleagues from across the UK to challenge this.

“The Scottish Government’s approach is more positive, with commitments to new devolved disability benefits founded on dignity and respect, and to reducing the employment gap, as well as support for disabled people’s participation in politics and policymaking.

“However, we now need to see more action to realise disabled people’s human rights – particularly in relation to the real failings of our social care support system.”

Submission are being presented by Disability Rights UK, Reclaiming our Futures Alliance, Inclusion Scotland, People First Scotland, Disability Wales, Disability Action Northern Ireland, British Deaf Association and Black Triangle.

Kamran Mallick, chief executive of Disability Rights UK, said: “Many of the government’s answers have a tone of complacency at best and high-handed evasion at worst.

“The government produced no evidence or detail to show how it is supporting people to lead independent lives; something it committed to when it ratified the convention in 2009.

“The government document also makes grand claims about the impact of the Equality Act and the Care Act that simply don’t reflect the everyday experiences of disabled people in the UK.”

22nd August 2017 by Brian McKie

I like thousands of others would like to see the WCA and PIP assessments stopped right away. These assessments are conducted on a vicious and fraudulent. way to deny what is rightfully yours. There is no medical on earth that can come to the same conclusion for so many different disabilities or illnesses with the score of zero points if the assessment is truthful. There for these assessments have a fraudulent theme running right through them. This is why they must end the injustice of this Governments policies are driving vulnerable people into despair and death.