US poverty group targets Glasgow - because it’s so poor


US activists planned outreach work in Glasgow.

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29th April 2016 by Graham Martin 1 Comment

US Christian activists are raising cash to spread the word in Glasgow – because they reckon it’s so poor and deprived.

A group called the Hope Scouts – which describes itself as a worldwide charity – released a slick video, see below,  explaining why it is targeting the city.

Hope Scouts have organised relief projects in Abidjan, Ivory Coast and Bangalore in India.

It says Glasgow is in their sights because of the so-called Glasgow Effect, a term used to describe the low life expectancy and levels of poverty in parts of the city.

Hope Scouts – which says it was inspired by the scriptures to serve the poor, sick and suffering - say poverty, stress, alienation and pessimism are rife in Glasgow where, it claims, a third of children live in deprivation.

Volunteers are seen asking for donations to fund a two-week programme in one of the city’s “industrial wastelands”.

The video caused a stir on social media – with some commentators welcoming the project.

One poster on the pro-independence Bella Caledonia Facebook page said: “I think they would be welcomed by kids living in poverty who appreciate it when someone tries to help them, they might have the p*ss ripped out them in the process but pretty sure they will make good friends.”

Another says: “Terrible to realise some foreign perception of our largest city but I suppose; in the lack of proper state support, their help will be appreciated by those getting it.”

One YouTube comment was, however, less than encouraging, with someone calling themselves dukestreetsoup writing: “Aye come to Glasgow and we'll set about ye. Bring that Trump fanny with yous”.

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5th May 2016 by Chris

Being from the US they may want to focus on the 20% of Americans who live in third world conditions instead of Glasgow where we at least have a working benefit system, social welfare services and a fee national health service. But maybe the real focus here is proselytising in which case I hope they get what they richly deserve.