Volunteers needed to ensure MoonWalk’s success

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How you can help this year's MoonWalk

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7th June 2016 by Graham Martin 0 Comments

Volunteers are needed to help the people of Scotland swing their tartan at this year’s MoonWalk.

Walk The Walk, a fund-giving charity which aids breast cancer research, needs 1,000 volunteers to help at the event.

Thousands of women will don their bras and walk up to 26 miles this Saturday (11 June), starting at Holyrood Park in Edinburgh.

To make it happen, volunteers are needed - from marshalling and working in the baggage tent, to handing out space blankets and medals – there is a job for everyone.

The atmosphere at the MoonWalk is one of great joy for everyone involved

Whether you’ve got a few hours free, or you are able to help throughout the night, every bit of help makes a huge difference to the success of the event.

Derek Macdonald, 54, from Edinburgh, is volunteering in the baggage tent for the fifth year.

He said: “The atmosphere at the MoonWalk is one of great joy for everyone involved. Applauding walkers, making new friends and sharing stories and experiences – there is a real sense of community spirit.

“I don’t really think too much about losing one night’s sleep a year – in the grand scheme of things, people that are taking part in the event have often lost a lot more than me.

“My message to anyone thinking about volunteering at the MoonWalk would be ‘do it!’. Even if it is for a short time, you are so important to the Walkers, who are making a huge difference to people affected by cancer.”

Walk the Walk is celebrating 20 years of Walking the Walk. The charity has granted millions of pounds towards ground-breaking research across the UK and to help those that have cancer in Scotland

Sign up to volunteer by visiting walkthewalk.org or calling 01483 741 430.