Volunteers needed to help blind people get online

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RNIB wants those with a couple of spare hours a month to visit a blind person in their local area to help them use the internet

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24th February 2016 by Paul Cardwell 0 Comments

A sight-loss charity is appealing for people to visit blind and partially sighted people who live nearby to help them access the internet.

RNIB is looking to recruit volunteers for its Online Today project which aims to help 125,000 people with sensory loss across the UK get online.

Volunteers are required to commit a few hours a month to visit blind and partially sighted people in their own homes and help them develop digital skills like browsing the internet, sending emails, and using an e-reader.

Since its launch in 2015, Online Today events throughout the UK have helped thousands of people with sight and hearing loss get online.

But with 156,000 people with sight loss in Scotland, many could still benefit from being supported by volunteers to learn new skills.

Karen Froggatt, head of volunteering at RNIB, said: “Spending a few hours a month helping a person with sight loss to develop the online skills many of us take for granted can transform that person’s life, and boost their independence.”

For more information about volunteering for Online Today go to rnib.org.uk/onlinevolunteer


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