Vulnerable must be prioritised in coronavirus response


The Alliance has said bodies across Scotland must work together to ensure support is there for the country’s most vulnerable

12th March 2020 by Gareth Jones 1 Comment

The needs of those most at risk – and their carers – must be prioritised as Scotland battles the coronavirus crisis.

The Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland (The Alliance) has said bodies across Scotland must work together to ensure support is there for the country’s most vulnerable.

It said the spread of Covid-19 could put unprecedented pressure on the health and social care system, and that disabled people, those with long term conditions and carers must be at the forefront of any response to widespread infection.

An Alliance spokesperson said: “The Alliance believes that people who are most at risk should be prioritised, and their rights and needs assessed, ensuring that contingency planning arrangements are made fairly, transparently, and publicly available in accessible formats.

“We are concerned with reports from other countries that people with long term conditions and older people are not being prioritised in response to widespread infection. The Alliance calls on statutory bodies in Scotland to clarify their position on how a rights based, person centred approach will be facilitated in a health and social care system that may face unprecedented pressure in the event of widespread infection.”

The statement continued that carers are particularly at risk given that they have close contact with others, and there is little clarity on contingency plans if they are left unable to care.

The spokesperson continued: “Many paid carers will be moving between households, and the risk of transferring the virus is high. The Alliance believes that clarity on contingency planning must be promptly published by the Scottish Government, health boards and health and social care partnerships.

“Meanwhile, many unpaid carers are expressing anxiety that they do not have the resources or means necessary to put contingency planning arrangements in place for circumstances in which they are affected by the virus and unable to care. The Alliance believes there is an urgent need for clear, accessible advice to be made publicly available on what to do in the event of a carer (paid or unpaid) being unable to provide care.”

The Alliance has also recommended that the forthcoming Respiratory Care Action Plan for Scotland is amended to account for a potential rise in demand for community-based support as a result of the outbreak.

An update on Covid-19 is due to be issued by the Scottish Government later today, following the Cobra emergency meeting with the UK government.

14th March 2020 by CB

I am a 37 year old disabled woman who gets support. I live in Glasgow. There is NO INFORMATION available that my tiny mind can understand. I am tired of being treated like an afterthought by the people who are supposed to be responsible for the welfare of ALL citizens