High-end supermarket strengthens partnership with homeless charity

Waitrose cheque

​Waitrose has made a massive donation to Edinburgh-based homeless charity Bethany Christian Trust after persuasion from Morningside staff member

16th August 2017 by Georgina Harris 0 Comments

High-end supermarket Waitrose has donated over £19,000 to Edinburgh-based homeless charity Bethany Christian Trust to help tackle homelessness across the region.

Waitrose’s Morningside branch in Edinburgh chose to make a donation to Bethany Christian Trust’s South East Community Development and Support programme as one of its staff members completed a student placement at the trust.

The programme deals with homelessness prevention in local areas and works with other charities, local authorities and churches to empower people to create stronger communities in Edinburgh, Fife, the Lothians, Dundee and Aberdeen.    

Isobel Alford, community development worker at Bethany Christian Trust, said: “Waitrose has been supporting Bethany Christian Trust in a range of ways for many years and we were absolutely thrilled when they told us we had been successfully nominated for this funding.

"It was completely out of the blue but a godsend nonetheless as this will help us continue to develop our work in helping more local people in the South East of Scotland. We are especially grateful to Kelly Milne, the part-time partner at Waitrose, who was instrumental in making this happen whilst she was doing a student placement at Bethany in 2015."

 “This amazing donation is the result of building and maintaining good partnership working between Waitrose and Bethany Christian Trust, a key element to building stronger, more resourceful communities.”

Mark Giles, personnel manager from Waitrose’s branch in Morningside, said: “I am pleased that Waitrose will give the charity £19,366.00 for all the hard work they do in the community and to help those who are homeless and at risk of becoming homeless.”

Bethany Christian Trust was established in 1983 and supports over 7000 people across Scotland. It aims to prevent homelessness and offers support to struggling homeless people.