Warning after charity hit by fake advertising scam

Scam cropped

A charity that works with the disabled was contacted by fraudsters who claimed to work with the police

29th September 2017 by Gareth Jones 0 Comments

Charities have warned to be vigilant against a fake advertising scam.

Artlink Central contacted police this week after fraudsters, claiming to work for a publication linked to the force, attempted to collect money from them.

The Stirling-based charity were telephoned by a female caller from a magazine called Child Safety, and said that a deal had previously been agreed for money to be handed over for adverts.

"They telephoned and asked to speak to me,” said Artlink director Kevin Harrison.

“The woman on the phone, who called herself Roxy, said that she had spoken with me in February and that I had promised to take out some advertising or sponsor a drug and alcohol guide for young people.

“It was a magazine called Child Safety, which she said was connected to the police.

“I said I wouldn’t have been surprised if they had called in February, but I wouldn’t have agreed to sponsorship then.

“When I said that it sounded dodgy, she put down the phone.”

Harrison said that the woman became edgy when he began asking questions - providing an old address for the charity - and contacted police following the swift termination of the call.

When contacted by Third Force News, Police Scotland said they were not involved with a publication by the name of Child Safety, and urged charities to be aware of similar scams.

A spokesperson said: “A genuine police officer will never phone someone unannounced to say their bank account has been hacked or to ask someone to transfer funds.

“Skilled criminals and organised fraudsters carry out their crimes in a brazen way and can appear very convincing over the phone.

“Officers work in partnership with charities and businesses to inform and educate people on the dangers of telephone scammers.

“We urge anyone who receives such a hoax call not to fall foul of the scam and report the incident to police.”